More RAM Usage Questions...


Sorry - I’ve got more RAM usage questions… :wink:

This is a different system from what I’ve been looking at in my other threads - but again, running on a Synology NAS:

This system is mostly in sync already - the folders which are currently Scanning are Send Only - yet I’m seeing 11GB RAM usage (actually 5.6GB in the NAS’s monitoring).

I’ve already turned off Cache Ignored Files - any other clues as to why the RAM usage is so high?

I’ve extracted a heap profile from the Support Bundle:

syncthing-heap-linux-amd64-v0.14.52-130546.pprof (136.8 KB)

Many thanks!

Part of it is due to the scan progress indication. That means all files that will be scanned are buffered before they are hashed, such that a compeletion percentage can be calculated. This accounts for ~2.3GB according to the profile. You can disable it by setting scanProgressIntervalS to -1.

Another ~2GB is due to joining filepaths while walking the filesystem, which I can’t make any sense of. I mean sure, it’s apparently a lot of files that need to be walked, i.e. a lot of strings to be allocated, but that happens sequentially, so why the buildup.

Thanks Simon - setting scanProgressIntervalS to -1 seems to have made a big difference here. :grin:

Also, 2mil files, and 16mil folders (which means atleast 14mil empty folders), time to sort out your life and find . -type d -empty -delete?

Because at this heap size the gc kicks in less frequently most likely, so 2gb is :peanuts:

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Ah yes - I found some of my Ignore Patterns had fallen foul of a previous issue, and were set to Loading... :slight_smile:

Consequently there were a bunch of metadata folders which the Synology had created, which I should have been ignoring.

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