More RAM Usage Questions...



Sorry - I’ve got more RAM usage questions… :wink:

This is a different system from what I’ve been looking at in my other threads - but again, running on a Synology NAS:

This system is mostly in sync already - the folders which are currently Scanning are Send Only - yet I’m seeing 11GB RAM usage (actually 5.6GB in the NAS’s monitoring).

I’ve already turned off Cache Ignored Files - any other clues as to why the RAM usage is so high?

I’ve extracted a heap profile from the Support Bundle:

syncthing-heap-linux-amd64-v0.14.52-130546.pprof (136.8 KB)

Many thanks!

(Simon) #2

Part of it is due to the scan progress indication. That means all files that will be scanned are buffered before they are hashed, such that a compeletion percentage can be calculated. This accounts for ~2.3GB according to the profile. You can disable it by setting scanProgressIntervalS to -1.

Another ~2GB is due to joining filepaths while walking the filesystem, which I can’t make any sense of. I mean sure, it’s apparently a lot of files that need to be walked, i.e. a lot of strings to be allocated, but that happens sequentially, so why the buildup.


Thanks Simon - setting scanProgressIntervalS to -1 seems to have made a big difference here. :grin:

(Audrius Butkevicius) #4

Also, 2mil files, and 16mil folders (which means atleast 14mil empty folders), time to sort out your life and find . -type d -empty -delete?

(Audrius Butkevicius) #5

Because at this heap size the gc kicks in less frequently most likely, so 2gb is :peanuts:


Ah yes - I found some of my Ignore Patterns had fallen foul of a previous issue, and were set to Loading... :slight_smile:

Consequently there were a bunch of metadata folders which the Synology had created, which I should have been ignoring.

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