More Multiuser-compatibility

So firstly, syncthing is a very cool thing;) But I’ve recognised a Problem on my Server, on which several User-Accounts exist. When I create with Syncthing a new folder on the server, I’m not able to open this same folder on the server after syncing with a folder on my computer because of read/write permissions. It’s only possible as admin, because syncthing runs as admin on the server. So more multiusercompatibility would be nice in syncthing;) Great would be, if you would have the same users in syncthing as on the server;) Further it would be brilliant, if I’ve been connected with my machine once to a server, that I can choose from the web gui on my machine the Folders on the server to be syncing with folders on my machine. So not that I have firstli go to the Web-GUI from the Server and choose there new folders to sync and than go back to the GUI on my local machine and choose this new fodler.

Hihi, and when there are multiuser-features once, a more intuitive userinterface for choosing or creating new folders would be necessary!

I hope this are some constructive critics and I’m very curious about further developments:)

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AFAIK, this is not part of the plan, as it would introduce more trouble than joy. Just run multiple instances of syncthing, or use a fuse wrapper which does UID re-mapping.

But I am sure we would consider a set of well structured pull requests if someone were to propose them.

The 2nd part is probably is issues #120 and #330.

BTW What about just change default umask for allow not only user but group access (for new created dirs/files)? Is it possible? For example by additional option.

Uses/groups are not synced, hence umask should work.

So yes I fiugured it out, that the problem is, that somehow Syncthing dont takes Group access with the folders. So on the second machine users with a certain groupaccess has no access. Thats quit a Problem. Could that be solved?

Couldn’t all settings of a folder be synced? So folder owner, user access and group access? Because what should I do when I have a Folder for several users?

I’m running syncthing v0.10.30 (go1.4.2 linux-arm default) unknown-user@syncthing-builder 2015-03-29 07:46:44 UTC

I attempted several configurations and it seems to me that syncthing does not use umask. Especially if syncing files from windows to linux, they all end up -rw-r–r-- whereas I’d like them to be -rw-rw—. I can’t find any simple (no ACL or such) way to achieve it, umask would be so simple.

Syncthing doesn’t follow the umask. Under normal circumstances the file’s actual permission bits are copied (regardless of umask); when the source is Windows or (FAT under Linux when configured properly, etc) there are no permission bits for group/other and syncthing uses 0644 or 0444 depending on wether the file is read only or not on the source.

Hi Jakob,

What you say about umask confirms what you already said in a much older post. However, I’m stuck with the second part of my message. How may I achieve such a behaviour for syncthing? is there a plan to have an option to force syncthing to honour umask, or use an option for a mode other than 644? a preset mode for group/others for “windows permissions” equivalents ? or are there ways to set it from outside syncthing (besides ACLs)?. Thanks

There’s a ticket for it, so in that sense it’s part of “the plan”. I don’t know of anyone specifically working on it currently.