modify config.xml

-Can I change the config.xml file?

If so: -If I am configuring the config.xml file, when will the change be visible in Syncthing?

-And when does Syncthing modify the config.xml file? -Does Syncthing has a second config.xml somewhere?

Blockquote wijzig config.xml

-kan ik het config.xml bestand aanpassen?

Zo ja: -Als ik het config.xml bestand aanpas, wanneer worden de verandering zichtbaar in Syncthing?


You can only modify config.xml while syncthing is not runing

If you want to modify the config while syncthing is running, you have to use the rest API and JSON format as returned by the API.

There is no second config.

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Thank you for answering,

I have already tried this and syncthing seemed to turn my changes to the last setting. I will experiment further there.

I have already tested with it but there is no working result, I get error messages and am still looking for examples.

The docs have some examples. If your config was overwritten then it’s possible that you haven’t stopped syncthing properly, or accidentially resaved the config with old values from the web ui.

probably, I will try again tomorrow.