modified cmd/strelaypoolsrv/gui/index.html does not show up

Please forgive me my golang ignorance, I fail to mess with the GUI:

  • git pull --rebase
  • go run build.go
  • git checkout -b test then I modified cmd/strelaypoolsrv/gui/index.html
@@ -36,7 +36,7 @@
   <body class="ng-cloak">
     <div class="container">
-      <h1>Relay Pool Data</h1>
+      <h1>XXX Relay Pool Data</h1>
       <div ng-if="relays === undefined" class="text-center">
         <img src="//" alt=""/>
         <p>Please wait while we gather data</p>

then I wanted to see my magnificent modifications:

# go run build.go clean
# go run build.go
ok     (cached)

but starting up, it still doesn’t show my mods.

Any hint what I’m doing wrong here ?


Set STGUIASSETS (see the docs), or there’s a build.go subcommand to build the assets so they will be bundled into the Syncthing binary.


# go run build.go assets

did the trick!