modes settings interface

I see users want many different modes so I show you a nice settings interface from an other sync software even if it is not beautiful… There is many options that can be useful in certain circumstances and use cases, i hope it will inspire you

OK, I have also some Options, which would be important:

  1. Ability to reinitialise a Folder
  2. Show log-files
  3. Ability to turn of/on a folder for syncing without removing it from the list.
  1. You can do that with syncthing -reset, but yes, having something in the web ui wouldn’t hurt.
  2. Not sure it will happen, syncthing might be running for years without restart, meaning that we’d have to either have to hold unlimited amount of logs in memory or have some ever growing file.
  3. explains why it’s difficult.

Hm, to 2.: Whats the difference between showing the log over consol or over the UI?

The OS deals with stdout buffering, or startup manager deals with log rotation, archiving and so on.