Mod Device View In Folders' Out of Sync File Listing


A UI feature request, unless I’m misunderstanding it: I’ve been chasing down some stubborn out of sync files, and it occurs to me that I can’t see the Mod Device for a file when looking at the Out of Sync file listing on the left-hand side of the GUI. (For the record, the Mod Device also isn’t reported when a file sync is recorded failing in the log, under pull: no connected device has the required version of this file.)

Looking at the Out of Sync file listing for a Remote Device shows the Mod Device for a file (but on my systems, the Out of Sync listing for Remote Devices is a little random… this may be due to having low-powered NAS devices running and constantly playing catch-up). So I guess the information is easily accessible, but just not surfaced in the UI for the local device.

Having the Mod Device accessible locally would be most helpful in ensuring the required source device is available online, rather than having to go to a remote device and look back at the local one.