Mobius Sync IOS path query

Hi Guys I know this is a commercial product which i have not purchased yet until i know it works. But it is built on Syncthing i am aware of Apple tying down like it does. But i am easily able to sync folders and files which go into the mobius app itself. But i have an app that will only work in 2 folders

  1. iCloud Drive/Logseq/filename
  2. On my iPhone/Logseq/filename

Question is there anyway to sync directly into On my iPhone/Logseq/ without having to go into the Mobius folder? If so please can you explain how to achieve this ?

Please don’t use this forum for Mobius specific support like this, as you said it’s a commercial product and this is a community run support forum. You can post on their github: Discussions · MobiusSync/MobiusSync · GitHub