Missing File - Find Out History From DB?


Amongst the many files I have successfully syncing, there are two instances of a tiny file which appears to have gone missing. This is a file which is automatically generated by an application on saving a project: the project opened fine a few days ago, but no longer opens because the file is missing.

Is it possible to interrogate the database to find out the history of the missing file? It’s possible that the application faulted and never wrote the file in the first place - but I’d like to understand if Syncthing might have (for some reason) removed it from all machines.

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The history is only preserved throughout duration of the applications runtime, and only last 1k modifications as far as I recall. This is all in the global change log.

There is also an audit/verbose options in syncthing but these need to be explicitlt specified on the command line.

You can also by poking at the api figure out who announced the deletion.

Thanks for the reply Audrius.

I’ve since found a copy of the files in .stversions so, whilst I’m glad I haven’t lost any data, I’m still curious as to how this happened.

Thanks - I’ll see if I can understand and parse that sufficiently!

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