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This is my first with using Syncthing, I’m attempting to sync folders from my Linux mint 20.3 with a Turnkey linux file server 3.20-6.

During initial setup I used local only, the web portal shows my mint computer as this device in the left panel and says their are 3 /3 listeners and 4/5 discoveries.

When I go to add remote device and look “Actions > Show ID” dialog on the other device" I don’t see any other devices.

I’ve tried add the ip address manually in various formats as noted in the advanced tab Enter comma separated (“tcp://ip:port”, “tcp://host:port”) addresses or “dynamic” to perform automatic discovery of the address. the mint file browser utilizes smb:// and I have tried port 8080 to no avail.

Any help will be appreciated.

Syncthing is listening on the following network addresses for connection attempts from other devices:


The following methods are used to discover other devices on the network and announce this device to be found by others:

IPv4 local
IPv6 local

Some discovery methods could not be established for finding other devices or announcing this device:

global@ Post "": dial tcp [2a03:b0c0:0:1010::bb:4001]:443: connect: network is unreachable

Failure to connect to IPv6 servers is expected if there is no IPv6 connectivity.

Hi there!

Have you read An Intro to the GUI — Syncthing documentation ?

It sounds a bit like you are mixing up essential things like how to add a new remote device. You don’t need an IP address for that. And the ones you listed including ports make even less sense.

Please explain in more detail what you tried and possibly post screenshots of the Web GUI of involved devices.

Have you checked I assume you haven’t, so if that’s the case, please do, as all the basics that one needs to know in the beginning are explained there.

You’re not really supposed to touch anything what you’ve listed above (unless you need to and know exactly what you’re doing). You only need to use device IDs to connect devices with each other.

Edit: @acolomb was faster :wink:. Basically, please check the Docs, follow the given advice, and then come back if you need more help :slightly_smiling_face:.

Gentlemen, my sincerest apology

I did read the docs prior to the post but after a review of the docs I finally realized that syncthing needs to be installed on each computer… I assumed that it would auto discover the other computers.

Thank you for helping me understand this one stupid mistake



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