Minimum bandwidth requirements for running a relay server?

I’m just wondering what you would consider to be the absolute minimum bandwidth requirements in order to run a relay server and not to choke the whole connection up. This is both in terms of upload and download bandwidth. Has anyone got some experience and/or numbers regarding the approximate amount of data that a relay server usually uses?

My own experience is limited to having previously run a relay server on a 100 Mbps download and 10 Mbps upload connection, and I didn’t experience any bandwidth-related issues back then, but I’m curious what the required minimums are.

There are no minimums, but you obviously don’t want something that leaves a poor experience.

On the other hand, seems that there are quite a few nit super loaded relays, so perhaps running another one would take weeks to start accumulating any sensible userbase.

Yeah, but I’m still curious what you’d consider the minimum, below which it’s not even worth it to try running the server.

The relay we’re talking about here is likely going to be the only one in the country (and a larger geographical region actually, as there’re almost no relays there right now), so it may in fact be quite loaded.

I’d say atleast tens of megabytes of bandwidth.

Would you consider this connection fast enough or rather on the slower side?


It exceeds the current 60m average for all reporting relays. It should be fine.

Wouldn’t the relay be limited by the upload?

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