minimum android version to run syncthing?

what is the minimum version of android os to run syncthing? i have a device running android 4.4.2. is it possible to use the actual version of syncthing on this device? if no, is there an older version of syncthing supporting android 4.4.2, and if yes, where can i get it?

The official Android app supports Android 4.1 and higher. I’d assume Syncthing itself could possibly run on even older versions if you did it from the command line.

Please check There are links to the Play Store and F-Droid to download the app, or you can also get the files straight from the GitHub releases (but Play Store and F-Droid are easier to update later on).

great, thanx for the quick reply!

I’m using syncthing on such a device (old phone used as dedicated MP3 player). However I could not install from the play store. I don’t know exactly why; my guess is it is the display size.

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