Migration from btsync to syncthing

I hope that I am in the right categorie here. Since btsync 2 is becoming really comlicated and full of flaws and bugs I have to move to an other sync solution. This weekend I will try syncthing on my RaspberryPi and on my Windows PC. I have a question in advance: In btsync I could define a master folder (lets call it “sync”) and I could tell btsync to ignore subfolders. I hab for example one subfolder which I want to sync seperatly from the master folder. Is there a feature in syncthing which also allows my to ignore folders and sync them seperatly?

Please check the FAQ/Wiki on github.

Thanks for the fast anwser. I understand that there is “.stignore” in which I can define files and folders which should not be synced. But can I add this excluded folder to a seperate sync “line”?

I am not sure I understand what you mean. The wiki describes everything pretty well. You can ignore all files and exclude some folder from being ignored:


No this is not that I mean :smile: On my central Server (RPi) I have a master Folder “sync” which contains a subfolder called “mobile”. I want to sync the folder “mobile” with my smartphone but not the whole folder “sync”. On an other device (notebook) I want to sync both folders.

It sounds that it might work, give it a go. You just share sync with your notebook since mobile is a subfolder, and because mobile is set as non-master, that should make the changes propagate to sync.

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That means that syncing nested folders is working quite flexible. Good to know.

Yeah, but only in a case where one is master and the other is non-master I guess. If you’d have two non-masters it could be havoc.

This is the case I have several non masters which have to be synced seperatly…

To make sure I understand, you want full two-way sync for these folders between Raspberry Pi and Windows PC:


And you want full two-way sync on just the mobile folder between Raspberry Pi and Mobile device, correct?

right :smile: and some other subfolders like mobilefolder.

Do you want /MobileFolder to be synced to Windows PC as well? Or is it only between RasbPi and Mobile?

This is what I intend to do

At the moment I am testing syncthing and it seams that nested folders are no problem… I just put it on all sied on .stignore an add id as additinal sync folder in the st interface. Do you see any problem in my configuration?

btw: I like to make sime suggestions to syncthing. Which categorie is meant for it?

Ok, keep an eye on all your folders to make sure it works for you. I haven’t tried nested folders like that, so I can’t say if it will work for the long term or not

You can make suggestions here on the forum under categories Feature or UX

Next problem: I always get the yellow warnings like:

22:34:58: Folder "XXX" isn't making progress - check logs for possible root cause. Pausing puller for 1m0s.

This is very annoying. The reason is that a MS Office file is in access on an other device. If I close it where is no problem. How can I supress tehse wanrings in the webgui?

You can’t suppress them.

Ok thanks :smile: Could you take this as feature request? Its nice to see that were a problems with syncing but not this way :smile:

There is already an issue for this on the tracker.

Problems continue: I have connection problem one one device (win8). Win firewall is disabled. Port forwarding seems to work (I can see the ules in my router). One other device (Raspberry) which is in the same network can connect to the other device my laptop cant.

To make it clear

Device A (Notebook) Device B (Raspberry) ####INTERNET#### Device C (Tablet)

Device A & B can connect in the same network Device B & C can connect trough the internet Device A & C can not connect…

On all devices global discovery is wokring (green).

Log says:

[6TQJ3] 22:03:51 INFO: UPnP discovery complete (found 2 devices).

But just my local device is displayed. All other devices are shown as disconnected.