Migrating WIndows File Servers

I have a use case for syncthing that might surprise a few people. I’m using it to migrate Windows based file servers. While I realize that it might seem counterintuitive at first Syncthing really makes my life A LOT easier for these type of things. I robocopy the folder structure and permissions over first. Then setup syncthing on both servers and set the production server’s folders to master. This allows me to put everything on auto pilot. Before I cut everything over to the new server I stop syncthing and run robocopy to finish everything off and make sure permissions are correct.

How has your experience been so far? How many machines are you sync’ing and what issues have you run into? I for one sometimes have issue with my 5 machine cluster (although it is usually caused by my tinkering). I am curious if you’ve had any big issues. Are you also archiving old / changed copies on that server?