Migrating syncthing to another box, files now shared over NFS, will it re-sync all files if new permissions are shown?

Hey There,

I apologize if I’m not fully articulating this properly, but here’s the issue…

Right now, I use TrueNAS Core, and syncthing runs in a jail, I mount the data I sync one-way to another location, and everything works great with no issues.

I’m moving all my VMs / jails out of TrueNAS into Proxmox, but I have a few concerns with Syncthing…

  1. When I mount the data via NFS share, the permissions the syncthing box sees are not quite the same as those when it’s running locally. Does this mean that every file will “look different” and Syncthing will have to re-copy every file remotely? It’s like many many TB over a not so great connection so I’d like to avoid that…

  2. Let’s say Syncthing DOES have to re-copy every file. If only the permissions change, does that mean it’s a fairly quick per-file operation, and it’ll get through it quickly, only transmitting a small piece of the file? Or would that likely trigger an entire re-sync?


Just a permission change is applied quickly without transmitting any data. The worse problem is probably that files will need to be rehashed to ensure that permission in the only thing that changed, and this will take time. Maybe you want to set the ignore permissions flag.

Great to know - thank you very much!

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