Metered network?

My two computers are not syncing properly. I get this error message: The following device has been paused because it connectetd using a metered network: “name of device”

When I am at eiter one it says it is “up to date”, but that the other is “disconnected.” Recently changed files are only showing changes on the computer where the changes were made.

The only change I have made recently is from a regular land line to fiber optic, with a lot more bandwidth. Any ideas how to fix?

Thanks in advance Barry

You must be using something more on top of Syncthing. It has no concept of “metered network”.

Synctrayzor does, so it’s probably something in synctrayzor settings

Yes, I do run Synctrayzor, have never had this problem before, nor have I changed any of the settings therein, since getting my very simple setup to run, a couple of years ago. Looking at the setings I see this box is unchecked, but seems to me lopgically, that it ought to be checked: Auto Accept

Automatically create or share folders that this device advertises at the default path.

Oh well, never mind; the two just now synced. Must have been ghosts in the fibre optic!


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