Metadata "date modified" and "date created" not synced

Hi there. I was recently cleaning up my photo archive a bit and adjusted a lot of metadata that got lost some time ago. I had a lot of pictures from a couple of years back that somehow lost their proper “date created” and “date modified” tags, but from the filenames (e.g. IMG_20130420.jpg) I was able to reconstruct at least the former and apply the proper metadata to all of the pictures. Now this looks great on my main machine (Windows 10), but it seems these changes did not sync over to my servers and my phone, all running the latest stable build. Other than that, sync works fine.

Does metadata like this just not sync when updated? Could it be my adjustments were only “superficial” and something Windows can work with, but that isn’t part of the file itself and therefore not synced?

Any help would be very much appreciated.

Syncthing syncs the file modification date. There isn’t generally a file created date to sync. Photos though have these things as in-file metadata which Syncthing doesn’t see or touch…

Edit: apparently many filesystems now do have a file creation timestamp. We don’t sync it though, and I’m not sure if it could be synced either.

Hi, thanks for the reply. I’ll try adjusting the modification date and report back.

Unfortunately Android blocks setting the mod time of files in most places, so this won’t work.

UPDATE: It seems syncing the modification date in DCIM and other picture folders does work, my initial problems stemmed from the created date not being synced. This issue is therefore solved

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