Merge existing folders on separate devices?

Hi all,

I have two computers that I use for making music. They each have a folder with the same title that contains VST plugins. The problem is that the contents of each one are a bit different. For example, one device has some plugins that the other doesn’t have, and vice versa.

I have the two devices connected with Syncthing and want to merge the two folders and begin syncing them, but without losing the contents of either one.

What’s the best way to approach this?

Thanks much for any tips you might have!

Welcome here @BarryM!

On one of the computers, create a Syncthing folder for the directory in question. Share it with the other computer.

On the other computer, accept the share request and point the Syncthing folder to the corresponding directory.

Syncthing will merge the two directories, so that the end result is that the directories will contain the sum of all files and subdirectories.

Good luck!

If the two directories contains a file with the same name but different content, Syncthing will rename one of them to indicate conflict. Both files will be available on both computers and you need to find out yourself how to resolve the conflict. Delete, rename and edit as you please until you are satisfied.

To be 100% clear this will copy the plugins that are missing on each machine from the other machine and the two plugin directories will then match and stay in sync going forward.

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Thanks @martinleben!

Just to make sure I get it right the first time: After I accept the request from the first computer, how do I point Syncthing to the corresponding directory on the second computer?

When you accept the request the folder configuration window appears and you can enter where the matching folder should be.

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