Mention SyncTrayzor on landing page

For windows users, especially beginners and alike, SyncTrayzor is such a useful wrapper around Syncthing. I believe it should be more easy to find it on the syncthing landing page. I am thinking users who just come to see syncthing for the first time, may not like command line and so on. SyncTrazyor is simple to use, has automatic updates, automatic monitoring of directories, systray icon, integrates well in Windows…

I think first reaction if you want to try some software, and you are windows user, is just look for “downloads - windows” on the main page… but here it would get you CLI program, not ideal… for SyncTrayzor you would have to look at “Third-party contributions” then ignore those android banners, ignore “Cross-platform GUI wrapper, filesystem watcher,” and click on “others” and then scroll (depending on your screen size it may not be visible) to “Windows” and you can download SyncTrazyor.

I noticed in few recent issues mentioned on forum, that they would have been solved by people using SyncTrayzor.

I suggest SyncTrayzor should be mentioned directly on landing page as Windows GUI wrapper.

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Agree landing page could just point win people to download synctrayzor.

There was an attempt at a funky downloads page a while back, which listed the latest versions of all if the major wrappers and allowed filtering by OS, etc, but it seems to have died…

Giving the major wrappers for all platforms a similar amount of screen real estate to the Android app could be a reasonable interim solution though.

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