Meaning of "***RECURSION DETECTED***" folder and necessary actions

Hi there,

thanks for the great software!

Recently a folder named ***RECURSION DETECTED*** appeared in one of my sync folders. That sounds like a really serious warning.

What does that mean? Why does it occur? What do I have to do to solve the problem? How can I prevent the problem?

My guess: I worked with LibreOffice Impress and the application crashed (occasionally). Restarting LO it brings up the recovery. Maybe that one tampered with some files (in that sync folder)? Syncthing was running, but the folder in question had no other device online to sync to.

Can you post a screenshot? Yet I am fairly positive it’s not a warning from syncthing.


Thanks for your super fast response!

It is probably an LibreOffice error (entirely). Should have googled without “Syncthing” Keyword first. Stupid of me, to assume that it might be Syncthing, when I know LO has crashed.

Sorry to have bothered you, and thanks for the support!


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