Meaning of Index in RemoteIndexUpdated


Here: what the meaning of “index” that mean folder? file? both?

I’d like to be informed when a new folder is added on a remote device, what is the best approach? Listening (RemoteIndexUpdated ?) event and doing thing with new folder information with auto accept folder ticked or don’t tick auto accept folder and let my script accept it automatically (but how? I don’t found something about it in REST Api doc)


Index is any information about folder contents. (Files, directories, symlinks)

It sounds like you are looking for either config changed event (auto accepted a new folder) or folder rejected events (other side shares something we don’t).

Thanks for the answer,

How, in case of folder rejected events, can I accept the folder?

You grab the config, add the folder to it, and post the updated config.

Well, “simple”, thanks for your help :slight_smile:

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