maximum protocol version of 301

(Ian Gooden) #1

After a power failure, I cant get SyncTrayzor to start? 2018/12/05 09:32:48 http: TLS handshake error from tls: client offered an unsupported, maximum protocol version of 301

(Jakob Borg) #2

The “client”, whatever that is in the Synctrayzor case (normally the browser accessing the GUI), is saying it doesn’t support more than TLS 1.0. This is surprising as any browser from the last five years should support TLS 1.2. Syncthing, as of v0.14.53, requires TLS 1.2.

Are you on a very old operating system?

@canton7 any ideas?

(Ian Gooden) #3

Hi Jakob,

Nope, running Windows 7 I’ve tried to upload the log file but this says I can’t as I’m a new user?

(Jakob Borg) #4

Looks like TLS 1.2 in Windows 7 isn’t clear cut. There may be things you need to install or registry keys to tweak.

(Caveat: I just googled for 30s. But try those things.)

(Also: I think the correct answer to my question was "Yep, running Windows 7". ;) )

(Antony Male) #5

What SyncTrayzor version are you running? There was an issue with TLS 1.2 a while back, but that was fixed.

(Ian Gooden) #6

Hi Antony,

Running 1.1.14

(Ian Gooden) #7

Would it help if I emailed the log file to you?

(Jakob Borg) #8

That’s two years old which certainly fits “a while back”. You should try a newer one.

(Antony Male) #9

Yes, that’s sufficiently ancient that it won’t have the fix. This was fixed in 1.1.20, released in February this year.

(Ian Gooden) #10

Wonderful, that has worked - no idea why my staff did not upgrade when it asked?? I should have looked at that first!

Many thanks for the help…

Ian Port Elizabeth South Africa

(Ian Gooden) #11

one question if I may… what is the correct way to rectify this error: Puller (folder “Core George” (dw7rw-ajwga), file “Stock Take\Stock Take Procedure.doc”): finisher: file modified but not rescanned; will try again later

(Antony Male) #12

That’s a question about Syncthing, not SyncTrayzor. Search the form - I’ve seen discussions on this message before.

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