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What is the theoretical limit of nodes and folders? I’m investigating the potential use of syncthing for a file distribution challenge we have at work. We’d have about 1500 total devices, with a varying number of folders. I’m imagining we’d have a couple of “master devices”, to which all other devices would connect. All other devices would simply pull the content from those. I assume the “master devices” would be a bit more “beefy” (CPU + mem), while the downstream ones would be pretty small (1 CPU).

Do you believe this is something that would work reliably?

Thanks Heiko

There is a CPU and memory cost for every connected device. For massive setups we’ve typically recommended a hub and spoke or tree like setup of some kind.

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Yes a tree like structure would make a lot of sense. Is there a maximum number of downstream devices that you would recommend?

Do you know of people that have successfully implemented a similar sized setup?

Thanks Heiko

I don’t have any personal experience with lots of devices. There have been some questions around it here on the forum but I don’t remember that anyone has returned afterwards to report back.

Number of Devices in Cluster: 494 Number of Folders Configured: 1.5 k

I could imagine that something like this might be the most efficient:

Wow nice idea. Not sure it will be efficient in all ways, I think mainly about the administrative/maintenance work around that topology.

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