maxConflicts override changes?

Hi There,

So I want to setup a master with two slaves.

The slaves currently have old copies of the data and I want my slave to push out any and all changes without prompting in the web gui.

How can I get syncthing to automatically override changes on the slaves? Is it MaxConflicts set to true?

The doc’s say this is for conflicts, but is it also control overrides? If not then how can I achieve this?

Any help would be great or insight would be great.


It sounds like you want the fabled “receive only” folder type which doesn’t exist. Syncthing devices are created equal and don’t form master-slave relationships. The maxConflicts setting doesn’t affect this, only how many conflict copies are kept around. However, if this:

is a one time need (the old data is there now, you want it cleared out when you set it up), just set the other device to “send only” and hit override once, once the other devices have fully scanned the old data etc.

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Hi Jakob,

Ok I understand now. Thanks for the reply. appreciate the response.


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