Max Speed (intranet)?

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Hello, my weakest point of the network (local) is 1200mbps, which at a maximum should translate to 150 MB/s.

Instead I am receiving 3.3MB/s at most.

I have unchecked the enable relaying tick box as was suggested in a 2014 support thread. Searching for “maximum speed” did not provide many useful results.

I have seen users describe speeds in excess of 90MB/s so I know it is possible.

Can someone explain what I am doing wrong? I have set the IP address as tcp:// for each of my computers. And disabled relaying. I do not know if there are further settings I should modify. CPU utilization on both these machines stays under 10%. One is a desktop the other a laptop. Any help appreciated. Thank you very much for the program!

I did see someone make note that many super small files would result in roughly 4 MB/s and giant file transfers would be much higher speeds. I am using lots of medium files which I read should be a happy medium. Files between 4MB to 50MB at most. I am assuming by tiny he meant 128kb .txt files. Mostly my powerpoints and audio library. And the powerpoints are 50MB since they have audio embedded.

Again, thanks!

(Audrius Butkevicius) #2

4Mb is still probably on the small side.

Are you sure they are connected directly? Did you check CPU usage on both sides? Did you check disk IO?

(Daniel) #3

Yeah. The cpu was down for both. Did not check disk usage. One is an ssd the other is a hdd. I did see in my router logs that there was a upnp connection attempting to be made that would always be closed from both ip addresses. I will have to see into that further when I get back home tonight.

Thanks for your help.

(Robert) #4

Hi Daniel,

not a solution, but just to confirm your assumption: it is possible to have high transfer rates with Syncthing. Within my local network I have ~105Mb/s with Gbit-NICs and 25-30Mb/s via Wifi to a Smartphone.

Interestingly big files arw slower than small ones in the smartphone scenario. I don’t know why.

Best regards Robert

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