Max File Size and Handling of iPhoto/iMovie Libraries

I am considering to add iMovie and iPhoto libraries to syncthing.

There is an old thread mentioning a max file size limitation of about 12GB. From the github commit messages, I infer that this has been changed to about 131GB. Correct?

Am I right, that iMovie and iPhoto libraries are actually not a single file, but rather a folder structure. In consequence, if something is edited, syncthing only has to update the changed files (and not the entire (huge) folder structure.

In conclusion, that would mean, that syncthing is well suited to backup/distribute such kinds of libraries as long as they are smaller than 131GB. Correct? Or any reason why this shouldn’t work beautifully?

Thanks in advance.

Should work fine. And as you say, the library is a directory with files in it, so the file size limit (such as it is) probably doesn’t apply.

It will work. I’m syncing an iTunes library with about 10,000 items and an iPhoto library with about 120,000 items. Yes, while the iPhoto library looks like a single file in the Finder, it’s actually a directory.

You might run into trouble with inotify (if you use it) as you’ll have to increase OS X max allowed open files. There is a temporary fix for OS X at the bottom of the syncthing-inotify page, although you’ll have to crank up both of those values if you have a lot of files in your library. Again, that’s only if you’re using inotify - just syncthing will work fine.