Mate 18.04, windows, qnap and Syncthing... its easy and it works.

Hi A few months ago the most I could say is that I had managed to reinstall windows and that I had heard of Ubuntu. Fast forward to now, it has been a steep learning curve with a few disasters along the way (I am now quite good at (re)installing Mate) and I can honestly say that Syncthing has been the easiest to install, setup and (so far) hasn’t given me a single problem. This is significantly more than can be said for windows and qnap. Our Syncthing setup is fairly simple. We have a qnap NAS which is acting as a hub and have windows and Mate computers syncing to their respective share (Home) folders in the NAS. I have also set up some share folders in which all of the computers sync specific (work in progress) folders. I have various sync schedules ranging from every 2 minutes to once a day. So, to other unskilled people looking for a sync solution, Syncthing works! Also to all of the people involved in the development and maintenance of Syncthing, Sync Trayzor (for windows) and the Syncthing qnap adaptation (i.e. Philippe)…

Thank you.