Master node´s mobo died, will my plan work out?

Hi there,

my personal “plug-like” device seems to have died, so I am probably replacing it with a Raspberry Pi 2 setup.

My files, Syncthing´s binaries and it´s indexes were -and still are- stored in an external USB HDD wich I plan to connect to the new Raspberry.

As I would like to avoid the files being transferred when they shouldn´t, given that both nodes were pretty much in sync when the Master died, I intend to exactly replicate the original environment.

Should this work? (Assuming I do everything right)

I it doesn´t will the files be transferred or just re-indexed in the new master, then matched and be left alone?

Thanks in advance. MadOp

PD: I am sure this must have been asked before, I just couldn´t figure a search string that brought me relevant matches

short answer: it will work

more details: If you keep the index directory it should be exactly as if it was the old device (make sure paths of folders are correct and no files are missing, otherwise they are detected as deleted).

If you delete the index folder syncthing has to rescan everything which can need a long time on a raspberry pi but no data needs to be re-transferred, just index stuff. This is what I did for a reinstall (was to lazy to copy all the small folders I have to their correct places, syncing in LAN was the better alternative).

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