Master mode question

Im trying out this software in replacement of btsync and so far it looks promising. But i want to know if it is possible to have this setup:

  • Folder A on server A syncs to Folder B on server B and Folder C on Server C

  • I dont want Folder B and C to sync…only A to B and one way sync A to C

If you don’t add B on C or C on B, it will be like you described. Yet I suggest you read what master means. It does not mean “nobody else will be able to modify files”, it means “I (and I only) will refuse modifications made by others”

ok…so Making A master mode so C wont modify it wont work because it would also refuse B?

Well C can modify, A will not accept it and show each other as out of sync. Given the only way B can talk to C is via A, and A is refusing the change, B will not see the changes made by C.

Basically my goal is that from my seedbox, the transfer folder(source) sends the file to 2 destination. One destination is my vps and the other is my home server. Now when my application process the file on my local server, the file will disappear from the destination folder, which should in turn Sync the deletion to the source folder. Now on my vps, all I want is for the source folder to send the file to the vps but that’s all. Once the file is processed on my. Vps, i dont want it to send the deletion to the destination. Also is there a way I could avoid the deletion update to the source from affecting the vps? Basically I just want it to do a one way copy…

In the advanced options there is a per folder setting to ignore deletes but you should read the docs for this setting and understand it before using it.

Thanks…i will

It sounds that you are just looking for rsync…

The problem with rsync is that it is kind of hard to setup automation with it on my seedbox with limited access. Since they allow easy setup of Syncthing, i decided to try it. And with a webgui I can easily monitor what is going on remotely… With rsync this isnt really possible out of the box

Just another question, if im syncing to 2 different destinations and destination A downloads faster than destination B. Dest. A i move the file which in turn should remove it from source, will the transfer to destination B fail or continue?

Depends on the context, if A and B are connected directly, or connected via someone who will propagate changes to the other peer, then it will fail, as A’s source will do what A did, hence B will not have anywhere to download the file from.

Ok… Well basically source will would feed B and C. B and C would both be set with ignore delete so that deletion in source would not trigger it in C and vise versa for B but if source deletion is triggered by B while C is still copying then my solution to not affect C will not work




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