Master Folder -- please help to clarify

First of all, thanks for this great software!

I’m a little bit confused now as I’m not sure how do I need to setup the following:

A: Ubuntu Server, all my pictures and documents stored here. I don’t want any deletion, updates or modifications here, just the new files to be added.

B: desktop running Win8: if I add a new file here I want it to be synced to A, I also want to keep everything in sync with A, but not to allow any modifications or deletions here

C: netbook running Lubuntu: I don’t want new files to appear here from A or B, but when I add a file here I want those to appear on A and C

How should I configure the above? Thanks!

Your desired setup is not currently possible. If I understand it correctly, you want changes on A to propagate to B but not to C (unless they’re changes to existing files?). You want changes on B to propagate nowhere. You want changes on C to propagate to A (but only the first time, for a new file?) and to C (all kinds of changes?). It seems like a rather involved setup…

Yes, it is quite complicated:) I will try to explain it again:)

A: receives new files from B and C, but nothing is deleted from here (if something is deleted on B and C) B: the same as A, receives new files from A and C, and nothing is deleted C: doesn’t receive new files from A or B but sends new files to A and B

I hope it is clear now:)

A folder setup which allows only additions of new files can be useful for mobile cameras backups.

Why not to change the setting “master” to something more trivial like “protected”?