Master Folder Controlling the Out of Sync Messages?


I have an QNAP app which will temporary uncompresses files in place before processing the result. With BTSync I use to make the folder read only thus BTSync would ignore any local changes because it was a read only key.

The closest I can see to this concept is the master folder as it will sync any new/changes from the master folder which is what I need but will unfortunately flags the folder as out of sync if the local folder has new files…

Have I over looked a setting that ignores any files not in the master folder thus the out of sync would only be out of sync if the files in the master folder don’t match the same files in the remote folder or should I be doing this another way?

Thanks for what is very fine product! Greg

Master folder means “ignore all incoming modification request”, not “force my version to all other nodes”. So if files are added, deleted or modified on other nodes, you node with the master folder flag will get out of sync, as it doesn’t match the global state anymore. To override the changes made on the other node(s), you can click override changes.

wweich, thanks for your reply so if I got this right…

A) Master Files are different in the remote folder <— Triggers an out of sync B) New file added which is not in the master folder <- Also triggers an out of sync

Guessing then that we don’t have a way to filter the out of sync message to ignore all local changes in the remote folder except unless the files contained in the master folder are changed?

Thanks for your Support

No, there is no way to automatically enfore master state.

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