"master" branch is now "main"


git fetch --all
git switch main

This applies to syncthing, docs, website, release-tools and a few other minor repos.

I didn’t switch syncthing-android, syncthing-macos, syncthing-lite, syncthing-java nor the notification stuff as I don’t claim dictatorial powers there.


What if I asked you…

Why? :wink:

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Because a number of people nowadays associate the word “master” with slavery. Fixing words is generally easier than fixing mindsets (doesn’t do any good, of course, but who cares), so renaming master branches, throwing out mastered audio tapes and refusing Master’s degrees is all the hype now.

Personally I suspect it’s all Visa’s plot to avert us from MasterCard, but I may be wrong.


If fixing words puts some minds at ease, it’s worth it.

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@calmh does it have anything to do with you closing all pull requests on the docs repo in the last hour?

That sounds like a fuckup, let me check and fix that.

Fixed, sorry about that, @acolomb and others.

No problem, I was just afraid someone could have hacked your account to do strange things like renaming mainline branches… Was good to see the announcement here.

Or is it not you, @calmh, after all? :wink:


Even I couldn’t tell you.


I just wanted to say that the Netlify checks and preview seem not to work anymore for the Docs after the rename.

Yeah, this is due to another reason, but acknowledged. I’ll fix it in the coming week. :slight_smile:

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While we’re at it, could I get added to the netlify team so I could potentially try and fix this?

Want to merge the updated folder configuration docs, but want to preview them first.

That’s part of what I want to fix. Currently it’s a personal account, which is free, but has a low bandwidth limit and cannot have further team members. So I want to move the Syncthing sites to a specific Syncthing account and apply for their open source plan. But sites can’t easily be moved between accounts (despite what their docs might imply) so I’ve moved docs.s.n to our own server as a middle step toward migrating it to the new account. Once that is set up we can have more team members…

Branches have previews anyway under docs.s.n/branch/whatever/html iirc

that really sucks. I suppose the word “main” will be determined as a Non PC word very soon.


$64 dollar question: will https://apt.syncthing.net/ no longer be updated for us Linux users?

https://apt.syncthing.net/ is not related to the branch renaming at all, please ask about that in separate topic.

Anyone using RSS to keep up with commits will need to change their reader to point to https://github.com/syncthing/syncthing/commits/main.atom


I had no idea that was a thing :smiley:

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Well RSS is dead, after all. I read it in my email client despite email also being dead :slight_smile:

Apparently my brain has since integrated the switch (started off discovering that my ingrained typing sequence was m-a-s-tab). Now I tried to check main on syncthing-android and was completely confused when git told me that branch didn’t exist.

Not sure I can claim dictatorial powers on syncthing-android, but I switched it to main as well regardless.

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@imsodin Totally ok from my side :slight_smile: