Many Sync Conflicts

I have a setup of a Linux-Server, a Mac at Work, a Mac at Home and a Macbook i use on the go and some VMs.

The Macbook was some weeks not in use, maybe a month and i startet it. It syncs with the Mac at home and the Server.

After that, i have many Sync-Conflicts, in every Folder and most git repositorys where broken. (now i know that i shouldn’t sync them ;))

The strange thing is that there are not 2 Versions of the files but a normal file or a conflict file.

How can this happen? (Maybe i can help to resolve that?)

Could that be resolved?

I have a zipped Version of that Folder from the Macbook. So the Data is not lost, but it should not happen again. I should really have a Backup!

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The normal file and the conflict file are the two versions which are conflicting. You resolve it by choosing a version you prefer, and potentially renaming the conflict file instead of the real file.

have you looked at the screenshot? there are NOT 2 files.

Right, which means the conflict is between a concurrent deletion and modification.

Did you recently clear the db from one of those machines? It is easy to trigger a conflict if you remove a db when your files are not in sync.

I have not modified or deleted this files in that folder on any node. Some other files have changed.

I think the Macbook updated to 0.11 and generated a new index.

That will be the cause, because:

  1. it has old data
  2. when rebuilding the database, Syncthing forgets that these were old files, hence conflicts will be introduced when this machine start syncing.

So what would be to solution to this?

  • don’t remove the db or make sure all files are up to date on both sides before doing so
  • if we change the db format, we should add a conversion script

But shit happened and many files have this “sync-conflict” string in its name. How do I get rid of it and stay consistent?