Many DNS queries from Syncthing

I am a new user to SyncThing and I have greatly enjoyed the tool. I am utilizing it on two machines on my LAN. I regularly look at the network traffic in my home and I have noticed an excessive amount of DNS queries from SyncThing. Is this normal? Syncthing is producing over 20k DNS queries in the last 24 hours. In comparison, dropbox only produced 169 queries and it is installed on several machines.

Queries in the last 24 hours below (had to take off the last two letters to post)

0 5052 discovery-v6-4.syncthing.n

1 5032 discovery-v6-2.syncthing.n

2 5020 discovery-v6-3.syncthing.n

3 1553 discovery-v4-4.syncthing.n

4 1409 discovery-v4-3.syncthing.n

5 1404 discovery-v4-2.syncthing.n

6 566

7 472 log-rts02-iad01.devices.nest.c

8 419

9 394

10 385 www.googleapis.c

11 351

12 322

13 291 api.twitch.t

14 240

15 191

16 179 www.gstatic.c

17 178

18 177 evoke-windowsservices-tas.msedge.n

19 169 d.dropbox.c

20 163 fonts.gstatic.c

21 160

22 158

23 158 graph.facebook.c

Syncthing makes discovery https requests when looking for other devices. I think this is normal. It’s once a minute, but should be cached a bit by your local resolver. Not sure why you have ~3.7 requests per looking for the v6 servers though. Maybe the resolver is look for A records, CNAME records before hitting AAAA records? I don’t think it matters much to be honest.

Thank you for the quick reply.

Is there a way to change the frequency in the config?

20,000 vs 100-300 compared to everyone else seems excessive.

Like I said, I don’t think it matters. There’s nothing out there that will be hurt by a DNS packet once a minute, even four of them. But you can change the reconnect interval if you like.

If you are only syncing locally, you can disable global discovery, so there will only be 2 requests a day (update check).

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I agree. It doesn’t matter much.

My current network DNS queries have jumped to around 42k per 24 hour period. It seems odd that SyncThing comprises over 50% of all my network queries.

Thank you again for the quick reply.

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