Many conflicts for a machine that's been off for a while

Hello all,

I’ve been away from home travelling for a while, so one of my machines was turned off during this time. Upon startup and sync, the device that has been off during the trip immediately detects sync conflicts for most of the files that were modified during the trip. Why does this happen?

EDIT: What I think should happen is that the file that has been updated on the travel laptop should be seamlessly updated to the home node since it has only been edited on the travel laptop and therefore should not be considered a conflict. Am I wrong about this?

Another thing to add, upon further investigation.

When the conflict is created, the conflicting file purports to come from a device that was not off and is therefore up to date. So I think when I read this:


It’s telling me that the device android-old had a copy of the file that I see when I open the sync-conflict file. But, again, I’m sure that’s not so. That device was up to date and it’s obvious from the contents of the sync file that it is a copy from before was turned off. So the origin of this file can only be home-computer, yet SyncThing claims that it came from android-old.

I’m finding it very difficult to trace where these conflicts come from. Does anyone have better advice?

Note there are more nodes in this architecture that have not been mentioned. There’s a new android phone, the travel laptop, and the home server.