Malware warning from Malwarebytes

Hello everyone My first time here but Syncthing user for a few years. I got warnings from Malwarebytes software blocking outcoming phishing to an IP located in Ukrain ( and using TCP/UDP port (49919). Since my devices are only in France, how is it possible?

Thank you for your advices.


If needed, here is under the Malwarebytes log: -Details of the blocked website - Malicious website: 1 , Blocked,[-1],[-1],[-1],

-Website data- Category: Phishing Domain: IP Address: Port:[49919] Type: Output File: C:\Users[myusername]\AppData\Roaming\SyncTrayzor\syncthing.exe (end)

There are plenty of threads explaining these seemingly random connections. Please search the forum or read up about relays.

This is probably from a relay - see complete list on

Thank you Audrius. My bad, I was not aware of relays so I have not had the idea to look for this.

Thank you uok. I will have a look to the list

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