Making sure I understand the ports usage before jumping into code

I am a new user of Syncthing (well, I tested it many years ago, somehow found it not that good, came back a few days ago and I now wonder why I had this idea :))

I did not find any solution to manage the folders that are shared between devices - one that would allow me to browse my local instance to see which other devices are paired, browse these devices for folders and select the ones to share etc.

I use both the GUI and Synctrazor but managing the folders is cumbersome(I know the -good- reasons for that from other threads). I would be writing both a subset of the GUI (just the ability to browse and select/deselect for share without the configuration) and a superset (well, the ability to browse and select :))

My first mini-question would be: is there something like that already available so that I do not reinvent the wheel?

The key question is about ports.

My understanding is that the REST API is available exclusively through the GUI port (default 8384). In other words, I have to explicitly expose it from a LAN (and bind to of course). Is that correct?

The 20xxx ports are simply for the transfer across folders that have already been shared. There is no REST API available there, that would allow querying the server for yet-not-shared folders. Is that correct?

If the answers are NO (or no idea), YES and YES it is time to jump on Vue, Vite and CSS Tailwind :slight_smile:

The REST interface is only available on the GUI/API port (8384), yes.