Making a new sync to an existing directory

I am adding a new device X with a folder A which contains some but not all the folders/files in device Z folder B. Device X folder A contains a couple of files not found in device Z folder B.

Device X = /A/1 and /2 and /3

Device Z = /B/1 and /2 and /x22

Device X folder A has never been synced before. Device Z folder B has been synced to other devices already.

When I start syncing device X folder A to device Z folder B, will folder A simply become a copy of of folder B deleting unmatched folders or will files in folder A get copied to folder B as well as vice-versa,

Hope that’s clear. John in Oregon

If I’m following you correctly, they’ll get merged and any files that exist on both sides but are different will get conflict copies.

Syncthing only deletes a file when some device has seen the delete happen - that is, the file disappeared between two scans.

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