Make the downloadpage noob prove

I’m a noob and I needed help from my nerd computer expert friend to download syncthing. He had a hardtime too. It works fine for me now and it looks all great, but!

My suggestion: why don’t you make a download where you just can download what you need, without the choise of many options only rocket siencetist understand. (one download/installer for windows, one for apple and one for the rocketscientist who need the zillion options.)

There are only two versions per architecture per platform? 32bit and 64bit version for Windows 32bit and 64bit version for OSX, etc…

Perhaps you are overwhelmed by the number of platforms available, but that doesn’t make the download page a mess, that just means syncthing is quite cross-platform and supported on quite a few OSes?

Also, this is the standard way github lays out, and we don’t really have any control over how it looks.

Many download pages sniff the user agent and auto-highlight the correct version.

Try telling that to github :smile:

@github you could sniff the user agent and auto-highlight the correct version :slight_smile:

I think he’s talking about the syncthing website. It would make sense to have a “Download” button instead of “Download from Github”. That button would then link directly to the correct binary. And probably an additional link to Github downloads.

Edit: We could also link to Syncthing-GTK and/or Synctrayzor instead.

Yeah the page could do with some TLC, but nobody ever seems to be bothered enough to make a PR.

I just wrote a script using the Github API to pull down the latest version of syncthing-inotify and update my local binary.

Using Github API you can get the latest binaries from any release on a given repo… At the very least you can setup a download button that pulls the latest versions for each architecture & OS - and yes, you can use JS to sniff the user agent.

At any rate, I’ll be glad to work on the home page a bit and build out some different download options for users… I’ll work on that in the next couple of days and submit a pull request when finished.