Make the blue progress bar logarithmic?


I experienced that (by tendency) the longer i use syncthing, the smaller the percentage of “unsynced” data is. If the synced folders are big enough, even unsynced gigabytes of data results in “99% synced”. In this scenarios, the blue progress bar doesn’t move at all anymore for a long time.

It would be nice if the progress bar would (visually) progress logarithmic, at least at huge amounts of data. It would give a visual feedback instead of potenial hours of “99%”.


I guess the percentage is proportional to the whole dataset, hence if you have 100GB, and 1GB is out of sync, it is technically 1% away from being in sync. I guess this is your problem?

You can open the out of sync modal which will show you progress per file which will probably help understand where within this last 1% you are currently at.

Thanks for your reply. Yes, i know that. And i am fine with the absolute percentage number - but when you look at all folders in the GUI, the blue progress bar serves no purpose (it becomes effectively static), unless a folder is really small.

What if percentage would be proportional to amount of data changing in this particular “sync event”? It would solve this “issue” way better then

because logarithmic (if I understand its use here correctly) means that if it was initial sync, percentage would be stuck around 0% for long time. Blue bar wouldn’t loose its purpose this way.

Unless I’m missing/misunderstanding something here. And of course I have no idea how hard would it be to implement this in comparison to gained usability.

I am still not sure this is an such a major issue, given you have per file progress. Yeah if you change 1024 1mb files, then that wouldn’t help, but how often is that the case?

Per file progress if fine, but to me is unusable for 200+ file changing files, because it take quite long to show them in modal, and I don’t think I have such old pc (Pentium DualCore on 3,33 GHz). But as I said, it probably isn’t worth time and effort.

Why if 1024 1mb files is changed it wouldn’t help? Some overflow or something?

I mean the modal would be so big that it would be not obvious what the progress is.

This is a reasonable enhancement, I think you should open an issue on github

Oh, you got me with 1024.

Will open an issue. …unless it isn’t meant as sarcasms (given your previous posts on this).

No no, I do think this needs a ticket.

This sounds like an even better solution than what i had in mind!

What i ment with logarithmic (which is the false term for it) was something like: If more then [50, 75, 90, 95,…] % is synced, the progress bar gets reset back to 50% graphical, to maintain a visible progress. But i like your idea much more.

For me: more often then individual huge files. The per file progress often is unusable due to dozen to hundrets of files, each of a few MB (pictures mostly). It is no “major issue” in terms of functionality. But as i said, IMHO the progress bar has little use when it only represents the total % of the synced folder.

Ok, it’s there. Wish I can help with something more than issue raising (= problems adding) but my coding skills limits to some (badly written, but working) bash scripts. Maybe in time I will learn at least basics of C or something like that, but by then syncthing will be widely used fast and secure solution.

Until today I didn’t even realised that this cuts out progress bar usefulness. And to be honest, I would much rather see those delta updates take place (some of my devices being in network with 40kB/s uplink, so even index exchange is painful).

The bar is based on numbers. Why not just show the numbers? They will always communicate more than the bar.

The numbers are shown. The bar is for an at-a-glance status.