major issue with identifiers!!

so i have Syncthing in a few locations. one of them is a new trunas scale server i set up recently.

i have Syncthing on an appbox (seedbox) and want it to mirror the remote servers folder with the local servers folder. thats not hard to do and its working just fine between my seedbox and my local ubuntu server. the problem is when i installed the Syncthing app on my trynas server, its identifying itself WITH THE SAME DEVICE IDENTIFICATION as my seedbox Syncthing.

i thought this was impossible. i thought all Syncthing clients were unique. even after i uninstall Syncthing from the trunas server, whenever i reinstall, it reverts back to the previous settings without me having to do a thing, including IDing itself as a Syncthing server which already exists.

help!! what is going wrong here?

Two devices with the same ID is only possible when they for some reason use the same cert.pem and key.pem files (see This usually happens if you clone the whole OS or the Syncthing config folder between multiple devices. Has something like this taken place there?

I would guess that uninstallation and reinstallation still probably leaves the config folder intact, hence you keep getting the same ID. You may need to manually delete either the whole config folder or just the key files mentioned above.

yea, that very well could have happened. i usually have 1 folder set as send and another as receive and i turned them both to send+receive and maybe something got swapped that wasnt supposed to.

where is they key file located and what is the exact file name i am looking for?

I mentioned the two *.pem files in the post above :slightly_smiling_face:. The exact location depends on the OS. The common ones are listed on the linked Docs page, but if it’s a NAS or another non-desktop system like that, you will likely need to check with them where program config files are stored.

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