Maintain a Debian/Ubuntu repository for stable OS editions?

So far, I’ve downloaded syncthing releases directly from GitHub, validated the GPG signatures, etc. and installed manually. While this is nice, I’d really like to be able to simply add a Debian repository and get new releases automatically for my distribution, which is Ubuntu 14.04 trusty.

Are there any plans for making repositories available? Even a PPA would be a huge improvement. I know that WebUpD8 has made packages available, but I’d really prefer installing from a place maintained and signed by the developers. If you guys need any help maintaining or setting up a repository, I’d be happy to help. At minimum, we could setup FPM and churn out some repositories for the stable Debian and Ubuntu releases.

You seem to be looking for this :wink:

That’s awesome! Thanks!

Is there a plan to include Syncthing GTK in that repository? I haven’t installed it yet, will do shortly. I know that WebUpD8 has builds, but I’d like to trust you guys directly :smile:

I think that’s where @kozec uploads his releases. That - or the github releases page.

Meaning that you believe that syncthing-gtk should be provided by the above Debian repository? If so, that’s great!

So syncthing-gtk is developed by @kozec, where as syncthing is developed by @calmh. syncthing-gtk could be provided by, not sure why it’s not.

I think that’s the right place to get syncthing-gtk, yet I am not 100% sure.

There is a, right?

Interesting. If it’s not already published there, it should be IMO.

I think only the windows version is published. Others can download, do pip install, and off they go.

Unfortunately the package dependencies weren’t clear. I tried installing from source and couldn’t figure out which packages I needed to install. If those were clearly defined, I’d stay up to date with pip.