Macos Win10 sync creates ._ files on windows side

Hi, I run a sync btw a MacOS laptop and a windows 10 pc, and on the windows side I see a whole bunch of ._filename files appearing. One such file for every existing file & folder to be exact. If I try to open them, I see they are binary with a MACOS string inside them so I figure they come from the MacOs side, but any idea on how to prevent something like this?


Have you tried to simply ignore them, preferably on the Mac side, so that they’re not added to the global state and don’t propagate to other devices? You’d need to add ._* to your patterns to ignore all of them, but you should probably test whether such a generic pattern doesn’t catch other, useful files as well.

Please read up if you haven’t already.

Yeah, I thought it was some glitch in syncthing, but I just read that those files are created by MACOS itself(I am new to mac) so I will add them to the ignore list. Thanks!

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