MacOS "watching is not supported"

I’m running Syncthing v1.18.5 on MacOS Catalina 10.15. For some reason I’m getting this error in the GUI and in the stdout:

[YW324] 19:18:44 INFO: Error while trying to start filesystem watcher for folder "lyr" (wzynx-z7e2d), trying again in 1m0s: watching is not supported

I’ve read around the forums here and 2 other posts seemed to resolve their issue by correcting case-sensitive file paths, but I checked the paths on mine it all seems correct.

I’ve also went to the System Preferences and given the syncthing binary FULL disk, folder, and file access on the system.

And finally, I’ve tried:

export STTRACE=watchaggregator,scanner

Not sure what to try anymore, any ideas?

How did you get the binary?

Feels like its not compiled correctly. Suggest you use our binaries from github.


I got the binary from my conda environment using

conda install syncthing

I will give the official GitHub binary a try.

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Thanks a lot! It’s working now with the GitHub binary, although I’m a bit disappointed that the binary on conda isn’t the same one…

I’d never heard of Conda, but this seems like something you could talk to them about.

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