MacOS Upgrade Bad File Descriptor


I have Syncthing installed in /Users/me/Applications/syncthing on MacOS 12.4 (Monterrey) and it cannot updated itself. The error is:

2022-07-05 10:25:36: upgrading: Get “”: dial tcp connect: bad file descriptor

I have previously had this working fine on my Intel Mac Pro on Catalina, but on M1 Monterrey it doesn’t work. If I run /Users/me/Applications/syncthing --upgrade the error is the same.

For the 1.20.2 update I downloaded and reinstalled manually, which I guess I will have to for the 1.20.3 update also.

Any clues or suggestions for me? Thanks.

No good clues unfortunately, this all works for me… Any odd antivirus or firewall stuff installed? Does Syncthing work otherwise, apart from the upgrade check?

Ah, thanks, you nailed me! I run Little Snitch and I had a block rule in there that was catching the updater connecting to github.

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