MacOS Sonoma and Initial Install Trouble

You’re welcome! :grinning:

I was able to fix this by doing the following:

  1. I used AppCleaner (AppCleaner) to fully remove Syncthing
  2. I deleted the Syncthing.dmg file and permanently removed it from Trash (this step was probably optional)
  3. I re-downloaded Syncthing
  4. I opened the Syncthing.dmg file and dragged and dropped the to the Applications folder.
  5. I closed and dismounted the Syncthing.dmg
  6. I then launched and proceeded as normal

Since doing the above, Syncthing has worked as expected without any problems.

My uneducated guess is that it saves the location of Syncthing from where it’s first launched, so the above will work to reset and remember the new location. :+1: If initially launched from within the DMG, for testing or whatever, then there will be trouble.

Can we upgrade this to an issue with the SyncThing team? While this may be a hack to get it working (which it didn’t for me), this renders the app unusable with my new system.

Even when I don’t eject the mount, it works part of the time and just gives me a loading cursor. This seems to me to be a core problem with the application itself.

Details about the new system? – e.g. version of macOS, etc.

The description above doesn’t quite sound like the same issue as this forum thread.

defaults write com.github.xor-gate.syncthing-macosx Executable /Applications/

Is the correct way, at first start is stores the path where the bundle is located. When it was located in /Volumes you need to set it yourself after moving it to /Applications.

NOTE: I and @calmh did write Syncthing for macOS wrapper.