MacOS not updating to 1.17.0


1.17.0 was released yesterday. My MacOS instances did not automatically update and clicking “Check for updates” in the About box tells me that I’m up to date and 1.16.1-2 is the latest. Instances on other platforms updated automatically.

Is it just a matter of time before the MacOS deployment / update pipeline delivers the new version? Or is something else going on?

A related question is whether or not downloading the new dmg and overwriting the binary is an alternative to the Sparkle-based update process. Any downside or consequence to that?


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I am seeing the same behavior as @zendnez, so it’s not unique to them.

The release of the macos wrapper is manual and hasn’t happened yet - I am sure that will happen soonish. Nothing to worry about here.


Excellent. Thanks @imsodin!

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