macos gui client newbie feedback

newbie feedback, suggesting a little more info for the macos gui on install:

I downloaded the macos client from .

  • This says version 1.0.0-2. However, it also says it autoupdates, presumably soon to 1.2.1. It would be nice to state whether my assumption here was true.

  • I was also assuming that it contains the web/cli binaries. now I am not so sure. does it? or do they need to be installed separately? if they need to be installed separately, maybe the installer or gui should check and refuse to run if it does not exist.

  • I was also assuming that its intent is to replace the web gui. I don’t think this is true now.

  • I drag it to /Applications and start it. I would suggest putting up a small window on the first start that says “look into your status bar for the … icon.” it took me a while to figure out whether something was running or not.

  • I was experimenting and trying to set up the simplest example.

so I will now go to the plain macos non-native-gui version, which seems to have nice online docs.

I’m not the developer of Syncthing-macOS but I have used it since it was first created so I think I can answer some of your questions.

Points 1 and 2.

The application bundle includes both a piece of wrapper software (that runs in the Menu Bar and provides autostart functionality on system boot) and the web binaries. I’m not certain about cli binaries. This wrapper is useful for making the web gui more accessible and easier for novices to have at their fingertips / each time they boot up but is also fairly barebones at the moment. It has had a couple of updates hence the low version number. For example, off the top of my head the “Pause all Devices” option of the Menu Bar app was an update after initial release. I use the gui and would recommend it because I can’t be stuffed setting up autostart and the extra features are nice to have.

The version for the wrapper is 1.0.0-2 while the included binaries for the main syncthing code are automatically updated and should be the latest version of syncthing. I believe the version of syncthing is also updated for the wrapper each time a new release is pushed so that it should never be too far out of date at initial install.

Finally, the main syncthing devs decided that the syncthing-macOS code was of sufficient quality to be included as an official repository of the syncthing project, so while it may not have a lot of features it is considered to be first-party software.

Point 3. No, it is designed to simply enhance the web gui with features that appeal to many macOS users.

Point 4. That sounds like a good idea :slight_smile:

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