macOS Catalina Support Available in 2020?


I’m new to SyncThing. I heard really good things about from Windows users. So I wanted to get the same functionality on MacOS. I installed the client available from the SyncThing website. But the version seems to be very date. I was wondering if there are alternatives nowadays for Mac users?

Thank you.

Syncthing supports Catalina just fine. One or the other GUI wrapper might be lagging in some manner, I’m not sure. Possibilities include manually installing the CLI package, or using homebrew.

I’m looking for a simpler and more elegant solutions that can match the Windows version of the client though.

What do you mean by simpler and more elegant? The Mac version appears just like a simple, single application, and presents the controls through a menu bar icon - can’t get much more simple and elegant than that, surely?

Is there something specific that you’re trying to achieve?

What I mean is the client (GUI) has to be on par as the Windows offering.

If you would like something similar to Synctrazor then you’re out of luck. Is it possible to give us some ideas of features that you’d like to see on macOS (more specifically than just “all of them”)?

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