Machines on different networks not seeing each other

I have 2 machines successfully synced to each other in the local network but they report each other as disconnected when one of the machine moves to a different network. I have Global Discovery on and they do not see each other when I’m trying to sync from the university to home. I’m not sure if the university network is somehow blocking this and I don’t know how to check if this is the case.

If so, what solutions are there to make them see each other?

Also, I plan on using a VPN soon. Since Global Discovery (and Local discovery?) involve exchanging IP addresses, how would using a VPN for privacy reasons and using Syncthing together work?


For the Global Discovery - make sure you have UPNP enabled, and Relays enabled.

VPN - if you’d have a VPN tunnel connecting both networks, you can disable all external discoveries, and use only Local Discovery. Local Discovery (as far as I know) does not send IPs to “external world”. I’ve used local discovery on closed networks without internet access at all just fine.

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