machine offline for a few months, only config files left, whats gonna happen when reconnect?

Hi there,

a certain machine left the network in august this year. It needed to be rebuilt, and it was using synctrayzor with syncthing, where I have saved and backuped the config files and its db files in there (data folder inside synctrayzor place). But i have not saved the disk/data area of where the actual synced files were residing.

Can I safely recreate the topmost directory where syncthing would put its files and use the config synctrayzor+syncthing and fire up this instance again? would it simply reconnect to my other machines and happily fill up the content into the topmost folder and everything in there?

or would something become messed up? main concern is that nothing on the other machines vanishes, so nothing is gonna get pushed out as deletes or something as this re-turning machine is empty in its data folder.

any thoughts? can I safely rejoin this machine to the network?

other idea of mine was, to remove this machines ID from my introducer, wipe everything from this returning machine and make it create a new config from scratch and the reintroduce it again via the introducer.

thanks for hints.

What I would do is to start Syncthing without any network connection first, and then change all folders to “Receive Only”. Only after that I would allow it to connect and begin synchronisation. This way you can be sure than no changes (i.e. deletions) will be pushed to any other devices. Only once the synchronisation has finished and there are no “Local Additions”, I would change the folders back to their previous type.

You can also do the same by editing the config.xml file before even starting Syncthing, but the GUI method may be easier if you have not dealt with the config file before.

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It will probably end up advertising everything as deleted to everyone. And everyone will follow and delete all data.

There are mechanisms to prevent that but it’s not clear if they will work, so be cautious.

I suggest to only copy config and certificates but not the database (index-v0.14.0.db). Then nothing should be deleted. To be completely safe additionally do what @tomasz86 said.

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